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Macerich is sharply focused on sustainability as a long-term, fully integrated business approach. Our goal is simple: Create a healthy environment for our employees, tenants, guests and communities and sustain this environment for future generations.

Today we are committed to doing even more — to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, energy use, water consumption, and waste generation. For more information click here.

    What We’re Doing at Los Cerritos Center

    • In 2014, the center installed 3,354 solar panels that will produce 872kw of power. That is enough energy saved to power 120 homes for one year!
    • We use green cleaning products at our center wherever and whenever possible.
    • The center has implemented new lighting protocols that allow us to minimize our energy use and lower our carbon footprint without any impact on the shopping experience.
    • Our center has a recently upgraded HVAC system that minimizes our energy usage and lowers our carbon footprint.
    • Most of the center’s trash is taken to a facility that sorts out the recyclable materials and only discards the “true” waste.
    • We also have installed a shared recycle compactor so the entire mall has the opportunity to recycle.
    • Our Security Staff uses Global Electric Motorcars and Segways instead of vehicles powered by gas.
    • Many of our retailers now offer shoppers the option of reusable bags.
    • Los Cerritos Center hosts a free two-day Electronic Waste Recycling Event annually around Earth Day to help
    • In 2008, the center demolished the former Robinsons-May building to make way for the Nordstrom expansion project. Nearly 95 percent of the materials of the Robinsons-May building were recycled.