Cyber Security for Your Business

February 25, 2019 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM   |   Level 1 Microsoft Store

Join us for a free 90 minute workshop and networking event to learn about cyber fraud and how to protect your business. With cyber crime at epidemic levels, it’s important for small and medium sized businesses to get cyber-savvy. Ninety-five percent of cyber risk is preventable by modernizing your technology and educating your employees. You will learn to: 
Educate yourself about online fraud, the steps you can take to help guard against it, and what you can do if you fall victim to it. 
See how other small businesses are taking advantage of the latest technology to guard against malicious attacks. 
Discover free tools that teach your employees how to work more securely on the Internet. 
Learn about insurance that covers data breaches, thefts and unauthorized disclosure of personal information. Find out how to connect with a network of IT experts in your local neighborhood, before it’s too late. Reserve your spot and register today.

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